Welcome to the world of Haethor

I mentioned a few weeks ago about something special on the horizon. That special something is this; Haethor. Take one incredibly talented, well-known Opera singer and ask her to step outside of her normal role and into a world of swirling atmospheric, downtempo, sultry, joyous musical expression. We’re very, very excited. The music is sometimes happy, sometimes has a touch of melancholy; occasionally, it’s a trip down memory lane; some memories good, others; well, perhaps not as good. No hiding in the shadows.

Special guests will be announced as the album takes shape. They will be as wonderful, unexpected and as much a blessing to announce as this album is; for both of us.

This is largely a dedication to the power of music as a universal language and what will hopefully be a gift to all those that choose to listen. Pre-production has started and Amy & I will be in the studio during the latter 1/2 of March 2017 to get started on this incredible journey.

More soon.

Howard "Merlin" Wulkan